The Lake Temiskaming Tour

is a unique cross-border tourism initiative between Quebec and Ontario. With a focus on promoting sites, attractions and events all around Lake Temiskaming, this tourism circuit is a trip without boundaries showcasing the region’s Francophone, Anglophone and Algonquin cultures.
Discover our unique vacation experiences, conveniently grouped by theme and destination. Whether you are a motorcycling enthusiast, a nature buff, a lover of gourmet food or a culture fanatic, you will be charmed by what you will find on the Lake Temiskaming Tour!

Come Take Part in the Explore the Lake Temiskaming Tour Passport Contest!

Passport Contest was canceled last summer but you can still enjoy the virtual tour. We hope that we can see you here next!

Autumn Cobalt, A.Y. Jackson, 1935. Oil on Wood
Autumn Cobalt
Group of Seven in Temiskaming