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Fort Témiscamingue National Historic Site

Fort Témiscamingue-Obadjiwan National Historic Site

834, Chemin du Vieux-Fort, Duhamel-Ouest, Québec  J9V 1N7
Witness to First Nations presence for more than 6000 years and theater of the commercial rivalries between fur trade merchants, this old fur trade post marks the beginning of the history of the Temiscamingue area.
Fort Témiscamingue-Obadjiwan National Historic Site

While you are here

• Golf a beautiful 9-hole course overlooking Lake Temiskaming.
• Walk the shoreline of Lake Temiskaming and explore the Enchanted Forest.
• Relax among the 2.5 km marais Laperrière track and discover the marsh fauna.

Local Events

Fort Témiscamingue Summerfest • July 20 , 2019
Harvest Festival • August 24, 2019

Local food products

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