Springtime Activities on the Lake Temiskaming Tour

With springtime comes nice weather, melting snow, longer days, sunshine, sap rising in trees, and, without a doubt, maple syrup.In fact, maple syrup is one of spring’s loveliest gifts. This natural wonder is abundant in the Temiskaming region, as there are many maple trees around the lake. Maple products can be found in many forms: sap, maple syrup, maple taffy, maple sugar, liqueur, candies, and maple butter. These products can all be enjoyed during a visit to one of the many maple groves in Temiskaming, Ontario or Témiscamingue, Quebec. Érablières also allow you to see the work that goes into transforming tree sap into various maple products. There are many maple groves in the region.

On the Quebec Side

The Lapierre Grove

In Laniel, the Lapierre grove can accommodate 120 people. It’s open from the 10th of March until the 6th of May. This érablière also sells a variety of maple products. Here, you can taste a Northern Ontario delicacy, maple taffy on snow. Larger groups should make advance reservations, in order to ensure ample space. If you wish to drink during your visit, you may bring your own beverages. The Lapierre grove is a member of the UPA (Union of Agricultural Producers).

Au P’tit Calin érablière

In Fugèreville, Au P’tit Calin was originally founded by Gilles Girard and Françoise Trudel, as a family grove (with 1500 notches). Due to the amazing meals served during sugaring season, this grove’s reputation has accrued: In 2010, the owners decided to expand their enterprise. Now, they have a reception hall that can accommodate 80 people, and the grove is open year-round. Sugaring season usually begins in early March and ends in late April. During the summertime, there are also lamb barbeques. The owners have also been producing Birch syrup. Birch syrup is a rarity in Quebec. It is used in gourmet cooking as a balsamic vinegar substitute. To make reservations, call 1-819-629-6503. It’s a date!

It’s also possible to experience the atmosphere of a sugar shack in certain restaurants. Bistro Eugène in Ville-Marie and Eden Rouge country restaurant in St-Bruno-de-Guigues adapt their menu for the occasion.

On the Ontario side

In Ontario, the Powassan region boasts the greatest number of maple trees.

For almost 20 years, Powassan has been hosting a maple syrup festival, which takes place near the end of sugaring season. All of the region’s maple syrup producers are invited to participate. As well as traditional sugaring season activities, there are a great variety of activities for children and adults, in an amusing, musical atmosphere.

Bird Migration

On the Ontario Side

The Hillardton Marsh

For bird watching amateurs, the Hilliardton Marsh is a dream destination. Here, you can discover more than 600 species of birds in their natural habitat. The most magnificent display is in spring, when migratory birds return to the area. Bird banding and cataloguing is fascinating to observe. The marsh provides an open learning experience, where elementary and secondary school students (as well as the public) can discover the wetlands’ riches.

On the Quebec Side

Becs et Jardins Interpretation Centre

Just south of Nédelec Municipality, the Becs et Jardins interpretation centre allows you to expand your knowledge in a live ecological environment. They offer many educational activities, and have vegetable gardens, plant gardens, greenhouses, and a magnificent composting facility, where many species of birds come to feed. The centre is equally a milieu for socialization, with a clientele that is often disregarded due to personal problems. Always searching for new initiatives, the centre continues to progress and has many projects underway.

The Laperrière Marsh

Well-known for its trails, the Laperrière marsh is also a natural interpretation centre. With its footbridges, watchtowers, and birds’ nests, the marsh is the ideal spot to observe wetland flora and fauna. A great number of birds and animals have been identified here.

Other springtime activities

“Fête Frayante” In Rémigny

In spring, everything is reborn, and many species begin their mating rituals. In Rémigny, in May, the pickerel spawn becomes a main attraction. In the town’s rapids, pickerel can be found by the thousands. This festival allows residents and visitors to observe this amazing natural phenomenon.

"Rigolade du Printemps”

Do you love adventure? If so, go to Laverlochère on the second-last week in May for the “Rigolade du printemps”. During the day, there’s stock car racing, and during the night, there are concerts.

Cobalt poetry festival

On the Ontario side of the lake, there is a poetry festival in Cobalt at the end of April. Renowned and aspiring poets have a chance to perform in a public space. This yearly festival honours Dr. William Drummond, a famous poet and doctor who came to Cobalt during the silver rush. Participants from all around the country participate in this ever-expanding competition.

STATO's Haunted Hustle - 5K/10K/Half & Full Marathon (Boston Qualifier), & The Greyt Relay 4 Person Team Event

STATO's Haunted Hustle

P.O. Box 64, Haileybury, Ontario  P0J 1K0
Beginning at the Haileybury waterfront, participants can choose from 5km, 10km, 21.1km run or walk. The 42.2km Full Marathon Distance is a Run Event Only (this is a Boston Qualifying Event). Our TEEN Relay has been renamed, in memory of Greyson Zubyck, the