Agriculture in the Temiskaming Shores region

Domaine Des Duc Agrotourism

New Liskeard Fall Fair

The New Liskeard Fall Fair has been around since 1904 and it is definitely a local favourite in terms of ‘Things to do in South Temiskaming’. Every third weekend in September, thousands of people – exhibitors, volunteers, local pageant contestants, carnival operators, food vendors, entertainers, visitors and more – come together for a weekend of agricultural celebration and fun. There is so much going on! Certainly, this is an event you do not want to miss.


Temiskaming Interactive Circuits (TiC) are guided tours throughout the South Temiskaming communities, which are accessible by a mobile application that you can download on your smartphone. In terms of agriculture, the tours entitled ‘A Century of Agriculture in Temiskaming’ and ‘Legends of Temiskaming – the Country-side loop’ are historic tours inviting you to travel around the communities of Earlton, Belle-Vallée and New Liskeard. The tours are a cooperative effort of volunteers and ARTEM.

Riverside Farmers’ Market

From the first Saturday in June to the last Saturday in October, check out various vendors from around the community as they promote their local products. You will find homemade bread, pies and other baked goods, hand-painted gifts, knits, and much, much more. The Riverside Farmers’ Market is located at Riverside Place (beside CJTT FM headquarters) along Lake Temiskaming. With Village Noel Temiskaming now taking its place as a major community event in late November, do expect to see a special Christmas Market over the course of that weekend.

Agricultural Events

Much of the Temiskaming Shores region is deeply rooted in the agricultural sector, and much of the South Temiskaming population sure knows how to celebrate their year-round efforts. Examples of agricultural celebration in the region include The Earlton Farm Show, The Earlton Steam Show, The New Liskeard Fall Fair and Le Concours de Labour Temiskaming Plowing Match.