Biking in Northern Témiscamingue

Northern Témiscamingue is an ideal biking destination. In this area, traffic is moderate, most road shoulders are paved, and a 45-km-long biking route is reserved specifically for cyclists. The landscapes offered (in both the forest and the countryside) are magnificent.

Biking in Northern Temiskaming

Cycling Trails

Ligne du Mocassin Cycling Trail

819-629-3355 x 119
Ligne du Mocassin is a 45-km stone dust cycling path built on a converted Canadian Pacific railway. Hop on your bike and discover Témiscamingue along this route dotted with lakes, marshes, forests and farmland.

Road Biking

Témiscamingue Blueberries

Guérin - Nédélec - Rémigny (70 km)
Along this relatively flat trail on route 101, you will cross the Montreuil blueberry field. On route 391, a few arduous hills await. A slight detour from the circuit will lead you to the Guérin blueberry field. Generally, there is little traffic in this area.

Villages and Countryside

Notre-Dame-du-Nord - Guérin - Angliers (60 km)
This meandering circuit provides you with beautiful views of Lake Temiskaming and Lac des Quinze. This route passes through the Timiskaming First Nation community.

The Dam Route

Notre-Dame-du-Nord - Angliers - St-Eugène-de-Guigues (39 km)
This circuit travels through a dam and a spillway along the Rivière des Quinze. Here, the water’s power will be more evident than ever before. The route’s lovely views will make you forget its tougher hills.