Hiking Trails in Central Témiscamingue

The hiking trails in central Témiscamingue are closely connected to the area’s abundant wetlands. Wooden sidewalks, bridges, and watchtowers make it easy for hikers to experience the area’s wildlife. Amateur birdwatchers, get your binoculars!

Laperrière Marsh

Easy hiking trails in the area

Lac à Zoël Trail (0.5 km)

This boardwalk hiking trail leads the hiker through a breathtaking wetland forest, and eventually comes to a watchtower.

Marais Laperrière Trail

Marais Laperrière Trail (2 km)

With its observation tower, bridges, and birdhouses, this trail is the ideal location to explore the area’s bountiful wildlife.
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La Forêt Enchantée (the enchanted forest - 0.5 km)

A stroll through the historical site of Fort-Temiscamingue-Obadjiwan will lead you into a mystical forest brimming with dancing cedar trees. This 150-year-old forest is also home to the area’s first catholic cemetery.

Forêt enchantée (enchanted forest), Fort Témiscamingue, Parks Canada