Biking in Central Témiscamingue

Central Témiscamingue charms cyclists with its gentle roads, magnificent agricultural panoramas, and proximity to Lake Temiskaming. The Ligne du Mocassin bicycle path is a 45 km journey on a converted Canadian Pacific railway line.

Ligne des mocassins bike

Bicycle Path

Ligne du Mocassin Cycling Trail


Ligne du Mocassin is a 45-km stone dust cycling path built on a converted Canadian Pacific railway. Hop on your bike and discover Témiscamingue along this route dotted with lakes, marshes, forests and farmland.

Road biking

In the Heart of Témiscamingue

Ville-Marie - St-Bruno-de-Guigues - Laverlochère - Lorrainville - Béarn - Ville-Marie (75 km)

Sometimes flat and sometimes hilly, this route will guide you through a string of picturesque villages in the countryside. Most of highway 101 is laid out with a well-paved shoulder.

Cycling, Centre of Témiscamingue

The End of the Bay

Ville-Marie - Duhamel-Ouest (20 km there and back)

The hills of this route are challenging for some but effortless for others. While the quality of the trail’s surface is not ideal, the beautiful views of Lake Temiskaming make it well worth the trip.

Our Historical Roots

Ville-Marie - Vieux Fort (15 km there and back)

Ride between Ville-Marie and the tip of Vieux-Fort, passing through the Duhamel-Ouest countryside. Enjoy the views of Lake Laperrière and Lake Temiskaming along this route. The shoulder is paved on Route 101 as well as Vieux-Fort road.